UWI Open Campus Guild of Students Appreciation Ceremony

The St. Vincent Chapter of the UWI Open Campus Guild of Students (OCGOS) held an appreciation ceremony on Friday September 23rd 2016 at the site’s new location in Frenches, Kingstown.

The ceremony was attended by head of site Mrs. Deborah Dalrymple and past and present student representatives from the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 academic terms respectively.

In addressing the small gathering, Mrs. Dalrymple expressed her sincerest gratitude to former guild executive members for their hard work in building a strong foundation upon which the current executive can continue to represent the best interest of the students at the UWI Open Campus.

UWI Open Campus Student Guild
UWI Open Campus Student Guild

Student Representatives over the 2015/2016 academic term included:

Ms. Samantha Williams – Secretary

Ms. Nellie Phillips – PRO

Mr. Martin Sheen – Vice Chair

Mr. Ricky Haynes, who served as Treasurer (2015/2016), now serving as Vice Chair (2016/2017) term, and Mr. Nick Francis who is currently serving two consecutive terms as Guild Chapter Chair.

Mrs. Dalrymple granted certificates of appreciation to the student representatives for their outstanding service during the 2015/2016 academic term and looks forward to working with the current guild executive in promoting all that the UWI Open Campus has to offer.

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