Argyle Airport Unperturbed By The Heavy Rains.

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The main Airport on mainland St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the E.T. Joshua Airport, was once again flooded by the recent heavy rains which battered the country on Wednesday.

Airport officials and Police had to place sandbags in sections of the Airport to try abate the  heavy flow of water and prevent extensive damage to equipment.

While E.T. Joshua was being ravaged by water, though, Argyle International Airport (AIA), which many of its critics fear-monger about over potential flooding concerns, was totally unperturbed by the heavy rains.

E.T Jousha Photo SHAKEUP
E.T Joshua  Photo SHAKEUP

The AIA Terminal was not touched by an inch of heavy flowing water, as there was none in close proximity due to excellent drainage and neither were the runway (under which two great water channels run), the apron, the control Tower nor the Air Rescue and Fire Fighting Station, according to Authorities.

Friends of the Argyle International Airport also posted on Thursday night that “all is well with the Argyle International Airport”, echoing the same sentiments.


The Argyle International Airport is set to be operational soon, as finishing touches are being put in on several areas.

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