Rock Fall And Landslide On the New South Leeward Highway

Road users on the Leeward side of the island will have to contend with a single lane in some areas until BRAGSA  gets a break in the weather, to clear rocks and minor land slippage that occurred last evening.

Tropical Storm Matthew continues to affect the island with gusty winds ,moderate to heavy showers along with periods of thunderstorms .

The area called DryRock  in Campden Park where a rock fall took place in July of  this year suffered the wrath of mother nature a second time .

Rock Fall Campden Park

A minor landslide also occurred in Lowman’s Leeward,  in an area some minutes away from the Lowman’s Hill Cemetery .

Lowmans hill

It would appear that the new South Leeward Highway stood up to the elements so far.

Residents clearing a drain (Lowman’s hill ) on the main highway

Lowmans hill
Lowman’s hill

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