Hurricane Hunter Aircraft to investigate system East Of Barbados

An Atlantic Ocean tropical wave is along 57W from 19N southward. A 1007 mb low pressure center is along the wave near 13N, about 150 nm to the east of Barbados.

Convective precipitation: scattered to numerous strong from 12N to 15N between 55W and 59W, and from 11N to 13N between 60W and 63W. Isolated moderate elsewhere from 10N to 20N between 50W and 63W.

The precipitation pattern continues to show signs of organization. It is likely that a tropical depression or a tropical storm may form later today if this weather system continues to become more organized.

Tropical wave at 7am
Tropical wave at 7am

The system is moving westward to west-northwestward 15 to 20 mph, and it is expected to pass over the Windward Islands later today, and then move across the southeastern Caribbean Sea tonight and Thursday.

An Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system again later this morning.

Heavy rains and tropical-storm-force winds in squalls are expected to spread over the Windward Islands and sections of the southern Leeward Islands, beginning this morning, and continuing through tonight and early Thursday. Gale-force wind conditions are present, within 150 NM of the center in the N quadrant.

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