Woman accosts PM Gonsalves – Her credibility now in question

Photos of Miranda woods the woman who accused St Vincent’s Prime Minister of sexual assault when she was just a teenager appear to tell a different story.

Vincentians at home and abroad told News784 after seeing a number of photos of her at previous Town Hall meetings, they wonder how someone who claims they were sexually assaulted would want to be in close proximity to the point of embrace with their attacker.

Woman almost in embrace with PM Gonsalves 2015. Photo Credit VincyPowa
The woman almost in an embrace with PM Gonsalves 2015. Photo Credit VincyPowa

Government spokesperson, Joseph ‘Burns’ Bonadie, stated via social media:

“ For this young woman to have attended several Town Hall meetings, and demonstrated by her posture a comfort level with the man who is now Prime Minister says a lot.”

Bonadie went on to state:

“The (Facebook) War Room is now on a mission that sacrifices a woman who cannot climb back up after she was made to walk the “P L A N K”.

Many ULP supporters have now placed her among a group of individuals who have been sacrificed by Opposition supporters all in the name of the pursuit of political power.

Prime Minister Gonsalves has clearly weathered the storm yet another time facing these embarrassing situations, this time with his wife, Eloise by his side at Saturday night’s Town Hall meeting.

Dr. Gonsalves, however, remained calm, allowed the woman, who hails from Layou, to ask her questions, then simply responded by saying:

“You can make an allegation. However, that does not make it truthful….”

See video below

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