PM Gonsalves faces verbal ambush at Town Hall meeting+Video

By Ernesto Cooke

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves might have never imagined that Vincentians living in the diaspora would be picketing a Town Hall meeting held by him.

Dr. Gonsalves, who came to power in 2001, has since faced constant bombardment from the Opposition New Democratic Party and its supporters, over what they claim is the mismanagement of the nation’s economy and his autocratic style of governance.

On Saturday at a Town Hall meeting in New York, Dr. Gonsalves was faced with what appeared to be a well-orchestrated plan by Opposition supporters to let him know they had enough.

Protest action began as early as 5pm on Saturday evening, with well know Opposition activists Doug Howard and Jeffery Providence, among many others.

Opposition Supporters Picket PM Gonsalves
Opposition Supporters Picket PM Gonsalves

Before Dr. Gonsalves could face the wrath of protesters inside, Diplomat Sehon Marshall who works at the St Vincent UN office, faced heckling from protesters outside .

A video obtained by News784 shows an  exchange between Marshall and a male who was on the picket line.

see Video Below

A count of the protesters outside the town hall meeting was around 12 -15 at peak time, according to information obtained from organizers.

Inside the venue, the situation took a turn for the worst when a woman (Miranda woods) who hails from Layou accused Dr. Gonsalves of sexually assaulting her when she was 15 years old.

Supporters of the Government, who felt the woman deliberately and maliciously made her comment, became very boisterous, with some saying “it’s a setup!” “Nonsense!”

Dr. Gonsalves, in his usual style, remained composed, simply responding to the woman by saying,

“You can make an allegation. However, that does not make it truthful”


This would be the third time a woman has made public accusations of sexual assault against the Prime Minister.

In 2008 a member of Gonsalves’ security detail had told police that the 61-year-old leader at that time, raped her on Jan. 3 at his Old Montrose home, where she was on patrol.

Dr. Gonsalves vehemently denied the accusation, and the DPP dismissed the complaint lodged in the Magistrates Court.

A Canadian human rights lawyer also accused PM Gonsalves of sexual assault. That case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

PM Gonsalves and wife at Town Hall Meeting
PM Gonsalves and wife at Town Hall Meeting

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