Opposition Supporters To Picket Gonsalves Town-Hall Meeting In NewYork

A number of Opposition activists living in New York are scheduled to hold protest action outside Friends of Crown Heights on Saturday night, where St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is expected to hold a Town Hall meeting.

Activist Doug Howard, a critic of the Gonsalves administration, said they would be sending a strong message to the island’s Prime Minister,  that:

“He is not welcome here until till he frees Vincentians from the shackles of undemocratic practices and calls fresh elections”.

Opposition Activist Doug Howard
Opposition Activist Doug Howard

The group of activists said that the protest would be carried live on Facebook, as well as via a local radio station in Brooklyn.

Prime Minister Gonsalves is currently in New York along with other world leaders for the 71st meeting of the UN General Assembly.

Saturday night’s Town Hall meeting will take place at Friends of Crown Heights, 671 Prospect Place, Between Bedford and Franklin.

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