Courts And Project Pink Partnership

Public Relations Officer of Project Pink Laferne Fraser says she is thankful that Courts St Vincent has partnered with her organization in the fight against cancer.

Fraser noted that Courts’ decision to donate to the fight against cancer through its “Sleepy Days Ahead” bedding campaign shows that the furniture, appliance, electronics, and optical provider is in tuned with the community it services and that she and Project Pink is happy to collaborate on the promotion.

Public Relations Officer of Project Pink Laferne Fraser
Public Relations Officer of Project Pink Laferne Fraser

“Courts contribution to Project Pink is nothing short of a blessing. It shows a keen interest in taking up corporate social responsibility as a corporate entity, while simultaneously encouraging efforts of citizens moving together to make a big difference in the lives of others.

“We are tremendously grateful to Courts for supporting the Project Pink movement without hesitation,” Fraser said.

During the Sleepy Days Ahead campaign, Courts will donate a portion of every mattress or bedding bought to Project Pink, while giving customers the opportunity to make no down payment, and pay nothing for 90 days.

One lucky customer will also win a mattress full of cash during the promotion, which comes to an end on October 1, 2016.

Project Pink, is a nationwide voluntary organization with a mandate to raise cancer awareness and funding for patients who are in dire need of financial support to aid in their treatment and care.

The organization, founded by local designer Karen DeFreitas, has been holding a series of fundraisers all year round, and will hold their signature gala event on October 29, as they aim to raise $100,000.

“This year, the organization has chosen breast cancer as our flagship charity. However we will champion a different type of cancer affecting the Vincentian population,” Fraser pointed out.

“We are not a standalone organization; we recognize the need for collaborative efforts in the holistic fight against this disease, as there are more than just a few avenues for support for those who are diagnosed and their loved ones,” she added.

Courts Commercial manager Lisa Veira said that the collaborative effort with Project Pink was in line with the company’s policy of being a corporate citizen and partner in any effort to lift the welfare of Vincentians.

Courts Commercial manager Lisa Veira
Courts Commercial manager Lisa Veira

 “We are pleased to work alongside Project Pink in this endeavor. We believe that what they are doing fits perfectly into our plan to provide not only the best products and services but also to provide help to the less fortunate.

By shopping at courts, you not only get the best brands and products, you also have many opportunities to win prizes, as well as donate to a worthy cause,” Veira said.

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