Chill Spot demise – “It stink ah road!”

One of this country’s popular Soca artistes, Rondy “Luta” McIntosh, in a Facebook post earlier today, questioned the demise of the famous hangout “Chill Spot” Bar & Grill at Arnos Vale.

Chill spot
Chill spot being dismantled

McIntosh in his post said that Lance Oliver (the proprietor) is a young man who decided that he was no longer going to work with anyone; He was not going to “Rob, Thief, Con, Beg, Kill, Rape, Smuggle, or Plant Weed.”

“Instead, he started his own business and employed quite a number of persons”, McIntosh said.

Rondy “Luta” McIntosh
Rondy “Luta” McIntosh

The Soca artiste says he understands everything said about permission, smoke pollution, noise, and parking, which he said the proprietor dealt with over time.

“Is this the best way to deal with the young entrepreneur?” Mc Intosh questions in his post.

“For the people who pushed and are happy to have this young man destroyed, how many persons are you employing? And what’s your contribution to this country?”

“How many of the Shops/Bars/BBQ pits in this country have planning approval?” McIntosh quizzes.

“Why Lance?” McIntosh asks, referring to the proprietor. The entertainer who performed for the ULP in the last elections ended his post saying,

“This move makes me think differently about a lot of things”.
This is not the first time a top personality has reacted to the demise of the Chill Spot; recently Government Senator, Carlos James, took to social media to vent his feelings on the matter.

Government Senator Carlos James
Government Senator Carlos James

The Senator was quoted as saying,

“While I understand there were several breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act by the owners of Chill Spot Bar and Grill in their operation, I believe good sense must prevail…. we must learn to strike a balance”.

“DEMAND in writing that the business complies with certain requirements as set out in the enforcement notice(s). ALLOW them the opportunity to do same”.

“MEDIATE between the business community and the residents to map out a suitable arrangement that is beneficial to the respective parties”.

“To completely order the closure of a business employing 26 persons is just plain stupid!”

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