Astaphan Would Have Asked The DPP To"Nolle Prosequi"Defreitas Case

“It is unfortunate what is happening to Douglas Defreitas” that’s according to Dominican Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.

Astaphan speaking on Boom FM said if he was representing De Freitas “and am not” so am offering free advice.

“I would have approached the DPP and tell him, “look you have to immediately Nolle prosequi this because we are not getting anywhere and it’s dragging on too long”.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.
Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.

The Senior Counsel further stated a number of other legal options which is open to Defreitas in the ongoing saga.

If Gonsalves were in the Opposition today, and this was taking place, “I would be at the DDP or the Court’s door asking for the matter to be thrown out” Astaphan told radio host Dwight Bing Joseph.

Astaphan said that would be his approach if he was representing a Gonsalves, a Saboto or even Camilo.

“I would have gone straight from the magistrate to the DPP or the Courts to have matter thrown out” Astaphan continued.

The Senior Crown Counsel reminded Joseph that what he stated was only a course he would have taken if he was representing Defreitas.

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