Villagers Question The Desecration Of Tombs In Mt Grennan

A number of villagers and Citizens are expressing concerns as to why two Graves were desecrated in the Mt Grennan community.

Mt Grennan is located on the windward side of the island, in close proximity to the communities of Diamond and Sans Souci

Individuals are questioning whether it is an act of “Grave Robbing” or “Legal Removal” of the remains. Two Graves were dug up, in one case “ALL” the remains were taken, and the other was partially dug up.


What is worrying to many are that both were entombed. Reports indicate that sledge hammers were used to break into both tombs which are located in a Catholic Church Cemetery in Mt. Grennan.

Sources say sledge hammers were used to desecrate the tombs

Vincentians took to social media, to question why such an effort to remove the remains of this one individual who had been laid to rest for over 32 years.

The desecration of the tombs according to a source took place some two weeks ago.News784 have not been able to get a response from those responsible for the Burial Site as yet.

We will continue to follow this story.

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