Senator Francis Praises Nice Radio,Advises Football Head To Apologise

Senator Julian Francis is advising the head of the Football Federation, Venold Coombs, to issue an apology to Douglas De Freitas after Coombs did not give permission for De Freitas’ radio station to broadcast football games involving national teams.

De Freitas refused to broadcast Coombs’ address at the opening of the Arnos Vale Football League last weekend, stating Coombs is disrespectful and out of place and is demanding an apology from Coombs.

Senator Julian Francis
Senator Julian Francis

Francis stated on his radio program Tuesday it will be in the best interest of Coombs and football to issue the apology, saying that the SVGFF could use airtime on De Freitas radio to do so, and gave Francis went on to give praises to De Freitas for the promotion of sports in general.

It is being reported that Coombs is of the view that De Freitas’ radio station has been very critical of the SVGFF and refused permission to allow the station to broadcast games involving the national teams.

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