Residents Of FitzHughes Discover Baby In Shallow Hole

Reports of an abandoned newborn baby were earlier this evening circulating on social media here in St Vincent. Villagers from the North Leeward community of Fitz Hughes retrieved an infant from what appeared to be an old latrine (outdoor toilet) in the back of a yard.

In a video circulating on social from appears to be the scene of the discovery, villagers can be heard expressing alarm, saying, “OMG! Somebody please go into the hole and get the baby!”.

Hole where baby was discovered
Hole where baby was discovered

The video showed confused and irate villagers arguing as to who should not retrieve the baby from where it was discarded with one woman finally going underground to lift the baby from the shallow hole.

On lifting the baby with its umbilical still attached, sounds of crying emitted from the child, to which villagers rejoiced saying it was still alive.

The child was handed over to another villager who wrapped the baby in swaddling clothing.

News784 has learnt that the child is alive and well and in the care of the Chateaubelair hospital. The mother of the child has also been admitted as a patient.

Residents made the discovery sometime around  11PM today.

No statement on the incident has yet been issued by the Police.

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