Fancy Village, Next Stop For Grassroot Tennis Center

Founder and Director of the GrassRoots Tennis Center, Grant Connell, said there is only one way for the GTC to go and that’s up.

With that in mind, Connell says the next stop could be the community of Fancy, as the organization is eyeing the area’s hard court next to the Fancy Police Station.

Connell said he hopes the Police would be receptive to the program, as The GrassRoots Tennis Center would like to aid in the skills and development of young minds.

Grant Connell
Grant Connell

While speaking on WeFm 99.9, Connell said that once there is a hard court in any area, the GTC would like to bring it alive.

Connell said wherever the GTC wakes up a tennis court, they would also pay attention to an available Football field as well.

“All these hard courts and Football fields are empty on a Saturday morning. We really need to start making use of our National players, past and present.” Connel lamented. While speaking on the issue of Football, Connel said:

“I know FIFA donated a thousand balls to the (Football) Association, so it’s time the Association takes Sports seriously! Bring the youths out! Let them burn their energy!”

The Associations,” Connell says, “are lapsing when it comes to Sport! We are doing our part, and others should get on board.”

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