Deron Grant "A Man Of Exceptional Talent"Says Grant Connel

Deron Grant, a Vincentian Tennis Head Coach now residing in Oman, has come in for high praises from Grant Connell, the Founder and Director of Grassroot Tennis Center.

Speaking on WEFM on Friday 9th September, Connell said Deron Grant, a man from these islands, started locally working with the Grassroot Tennis Center. He has worked on the Grenadine island of Canouan and throughout  the region and has now excelled beyond these borders.

Connell said, Deron  is now the Tennis Head Coach at Petroleum Development Oman Recreation Center, where other coaches from around the world work under him.


“That’s a vincy we must be proud of!” said Connell. “Deron Grant has worked his way up, making us as a people proud, holding his head high among all the top coaches in the world. Deron is out there heading the facility – that’s an achievement we cannot ignore!”

Connell said, “It goes to show that you cannot use this small island mentally to limit yourself. I think Vincentians are so productive when they are out there”.

Grant Connell
Grant Connell

“We have to get Vincies out by any means possible”, Connell told WeFM radio host Donnie Collins.

“We have to give our sports persons more help, Tennis Scholarships, Football scholarships, Coaching jobs – maybe we will have to adopt the Indian principles that once a Vincentian goes out there, he or she makes way for another Vincentian,” Connell added.

The Director of Grassroot Tennis Center said he had spoken to Deron Grant already about possible certification for another bright spark, Antonio Cain who hails from Byrea, with the hope that in the medium term, maybe Cain can work alongside him in Oman.

“Deron Grant”, Connell says, “is someone of exceptional talent, a true ambassador for our nation. We as Vincentians should be justly proud of him.”

 Written By Ernesto Cooke

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