Closure Of Chill Spot "Plain Stupid" Says Senator Carlos James

It would appear that a number of persons are having their say when it comes to the  order given to  the management of the popular hang out ” Chill spot”.

The Arnos Vale based establishment, owned and operated by Garth Lance Oliver has been given 14 days, from September 2, to cease operation.

In a letter dated August 31, the Ministry of Physical Planning said that the Physical Planning and Development Board in a meeting on August 17 did not find the reasons given by the Oliver why he could not close the business to be satisfactory.

Senator Carlos James called for “THE NEED TO COMPROMISE AND STRIKE A BALANCE” in the ongoing saga. Senator James, however, did not stop there in expressing his feelings on the matter. See the Senator’s Post Below.


“While I understand there were several breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act by the owners of Chill Spot Bar and Grill in their operation I believe good sense must prevail….we must learn to strike a balance”.

“DEMAND in writing that the business complies with certain requirements as set out in the enforcement notice(s). ALLOW them the opportunity to do same”.

“Mediate between the business community and the residents to map out a suitable arrangement that is beneficial to the respective parties”.

“To completely order the closure of a business employing 26 persons is just plain stupid!”

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