Donnie"Prince"Collins Appointed Marketing Coordinator For CDC

Donnie “Prince” Collins of WEFM fame has been confirmed and appointed to the CDC board as Marketing Coordinator replacing Anthony Dennie.

The Ministry of Tourism sports and Culture under which the board falls, said that cabinet has confirmed the appointment of the new board of the corporation.

Speaking with News784 Collins said that the appointment came as no surprise since he has been working along with the marketing coordinator for a number of years.

Normally when you promote (fill the position) you can either look within or externally, however he was chosen, Prince told News784.

Donnie Collins
Donnie Collins

Prince says the board has not met yet, however when that happens he is going to present his team that will sit along with him on the marketing committee. He told News784 he has chosen a few names from the old committee along with new individuals that will guide the marketing process.

Prince said that while the lion share of marketing for CDC is done by the tourism authority, the internal committee picks up the slack locally.

The new coordinator said he intends to focus on a stronger social media presence, interfacing more with media houses more frequently, seeing that he is aware of the various negative feedback over the years.

Prince told News784 that people will always criticize, however what will gain his attention is the offering of solutions.

“Social media is the way to go, it’s a whole new frontier, and that’s where we going to make our presence felt, that’s where we are going to make our biggest impact, that will be my main focus, Prince told News784.

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