Vincentian Mother Mourns For Son Killed In US Motorcycle Tragedy

By Ernesto Cooke

20 year old Wayne Scott, son of Vincentian Cheryl St John, formerly of Fountain, died on Thursday 8th September when he was  struck after falling from his motorcycle.

Speaking with News784 from New York, the grief-stricken mother said that it had been two weeks since she last saw Wayne in person. However, she had spoken with him on Wednesday 7th, just one day before the accident that would claim his life.

St John said Wayne had just started a new job at John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport when he died.

Police in Hempstead Long Island say Wayne Scott was killed when he and his motorcycle were struck by a cargo van that did not stop.

wayne Scott
wayne Scott

Homicide detectives are still piecing together what happened, when the motorcyclist going west on Front Street landed on the eastbound lanes, near Burston Street.

The grieving mother told News784 that according to reports, Wayne was doing a “wheelie” – a one-wheel stunt, on his bike. He then fell and was attempting to get up when the oncoming cargo van struck him and ran over his chest.

St John told News784 that the incident happened on the main street just five blocks away from his house; she said her son was heading home when he met his death.

Cheryl St. John told News784 that she had 5 children. Wayne was the eldest (first born) of a set of triplets.

St John said that she would not be able to say how she feels about the loss of her son. The mother broke down in tears saying,

”That’s a hard question to answer at this moment”. The Long Island police said the incident occurred about 1:15 p.m. on Thursday 8th September 2016.

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