Are Foreign Agents Eavesdropping On Gonsalves Conversations?

It’s the stuff that great spy movies are made of. It’s the ability to listen in on someone’s conversation or should we use the term “eavesdropping”.

Recent revelations by a foreign online newspaper have led us to believe that the conversations of this country’s leader could be secretly recorded.

PM Gonsalves

Quotes below from the online Newspaper

“But them just in opposition. They can’t give weight to them things,” Gonsalves said in the Vincentian vernacular. “And anyhow, why now?” the Vincentian Prime Minister complained during a near two-hour after dinner rant.

This doesn’t make sense!” he declared 22 times in the span of 45 minutes in a tirade against an announcement earlier in the day by the opposition New Democratic Party affirming a One China stance by his party.

With the revelations by the foreign newspaper questions abound.” Are the conversations of the St Vincent Prime Minister being secretly recorded? If so. “Who are the agents behind such? “Are they local are foreign? Does Gonsalves now have to watch his inner circle? Are there plans for a Coup d’éta against Gonsalves? If so. “Are those plotting from within? Are Opposition agents involved in any plot against the Prime Minister?

Recently Gonsalves told the Searchlight Newspaper “The news report was presented as though I was interviewed. The simple truth is that I gave no such interview. Thus, the quotes from this manufactured interview were entirely made up by the author. This is pure dishonesty masquerading as journalism.”

The foreign online newspaper, however, responded to Gonsalves response in the Searchlight stating.

 “The quotes are extremely accurate and are the words uttered by the Vincentian leader. It was not from an interview. It never indicated it was. Neither was it from a third party. Without discussing methods and approach, the statements by the Prime Minister were listened to by our editors in real time,” the editorial team said in a statement released.

The online newspaper went on to state that if he believes we are fraudulently representing him, as a lawyer, he will know what to do. We challenge him to take that course.

“In real time” without discussing methods and approach”. So then the next question would be. Who was sitting at dinner with Gonsalves? Was there another phone call to local or foreign agents while Gonsalves was speaking? Is Gonsalves phone line bugged?


Sources close to News784 indicated that we should investigate a Grenada – St Vincent ring involved in possible espionage work. We intend to investigate such and relate the information in a future article.

Espionage (colloquially, spying) is the obtaining of information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. Espionage can be committed by an individual or a spy ring.

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