Woman Attacked and Robbed:" We wrestled until we both fell to the ground"

Rev. Dr. Phyllis Ralph Browne of the St Mary’s Baptist Church at Fountain was relieved of $900.00 dollars in cash on Saturday 3rd September when she was robbed in broad daylight.

Rev Browne in relating her story via social media said the money which belongs to church was to be used in buying materials for current church repairs.

Browne is also asking the public for assistance, in locating the individual who carried out such act, she says anyone with information can call 456- 2874.

Read Rev Browne account of the robbery below.

Reverend Ralph Browne.
Reverend Ralph Browne.

Well I am scared I am mad because I was robbed of all my money at about 9:55am today at villa on the fountain road .The guy is a black boney/ nashy young man about five feet six inches He has a red turban forming a mask over the lower side of his face. His skin was oily. He was bareback wearing only black or navy blues short pants.

He jumped on me placing one of his hands around my neck and pointing a black gun at my face ramming it into my right cheekbone and said “move! Move” pushing me toward the bushes.

 I immediately began to scream and he said don’t scream shut your mouth! At the same time he was speaking I grabbed the gun and held onto it with all my might. And we wrestled until we both fell to the ground.

He, however, maintained his hold on the gun when he fell, so he scrambled up pulled my bag away while I was still lying in the road and ran away still holding the gun. It appeared as if the gun was glued to hand. Because although he fell over my body the gun did not move from his hand.

He was gone before anyone appeared on the scene. He took my bag with all my identification cards, my monies, my house keys, my phone among other things.

Someone called the Police and I waited for about an hour waiting for the police who did not come. I left the scene and walked back home and I told my daughter what has happened. I called the Police boot at fountain, they said they were not informed by the calliaqua Police station but they will make a block to see if they see him.

I then called the calliaqua Police Station and I was told that the transport has left to go on the scene. I then said to my daughter, get my water boots and come with me and let us go up into the bushes to look for my bag because I believe he would discard all the things he didn’t need.

 I couldn’t find a cutlass and my daughter did not get dressed quickly enough for me. I put on the water boots and with a piece of stick into my hand I went back up the road making my way down to the scene of the incident with the hope of asking someone to accompany me up into the bushes.

 I saw the Nissan Police van and I called out to them but they did not stop, I ran after them and saw that they stopped and was talking to an elderly man. I caught up with them and I asked” are you the transport that was sent on the robbery scene?” The gentleman on the drivers ‘side said, “Yes”.

I told them that if they had responded before they would have caught the thief because I was waiting at the scene for almost an hour after the call was made to the police station. I realized that I could have been lying there on the street dead! I am grateful to God that I am still alive.

However, the police told me that they have the whole area to see about not just villa fountain road and that they are not just sitting down. Then I went up into the bushes with four police men and we found the bag with my documents and note book but all my monies were gone along with my light green android blu phone.

When the robbery occurred I was on my way to buy cement and other material for the church renovation. This is really dreadful! Who will be giving me back $900.00 to buy the material for the church? People in this area who have to walk be careful not to walk alone.

Right now I feel so helpless. All I can do is pray. Within the last three months I have been faced with a lot of trials and I am calling on Christians to pray for me and my family.

It would appear that hell has opened its mouth to swallow up my family. Trials are so severe, that I would just kneel in the presence of God.

Reverend Ralph Browne.


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