That’s it! USA demolishes SVG 6-0

It’s all over, Vincy Heat failed to score,Vincentians however, turned out in their hundreds  to gave support to the local boys.
It’s been a good performance by the US, but remember, this is an island with a population of 103,000. And…there could have been a few chances where they could scored, so the USA still has a lot of work on. Trinidad and Tobago will be a tougher match.
At 50 minutes,a goal from SVG is disallowed! Chaos inside the box as-as Guzan looks to collect but can’t handle and SVG pounces and taps it in but the linesman has his flag up for offside.
The home team complains but replay clearly shows it was the right decision.
90+1 min: A great chance for SVG as Edwards hits one from a tight angle on the left hand side but it just goes wide. For once, it wasn’t offside.

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