Members of The Barbados Drug Squad have formally charged two Vincentian nationals with drug offences.
Those charged are Vincentian nationals Francois Asima Ironsi Robert 38 years of DorsetshireHill and, Makaider Kristal Derrick 24 years of Glen. They arrived together from St. Vincent on the same flight on the Friday 26th August 2016.
Makaider K Derrick and Francois A I Robert

Derrick’s luggage was search by Customs personnel and 3 plastic bottles containing a liquid substance suspected to be cocaine was found in a black pouch concealed in her suitcase. She was arrested, along with Roberts and referred to the police.
They were each charged with Possession of Cocaine; Possession with intent to supply; Trafficking; and Importation.
Further investigations was conducted by the police which resulted in Barbadian national Justin Selman 47 years of Lot 3A Berlin Road St. Philip being arrested and Charged for the offence of : Acts Preparatory To Traffic A Controlled Drug to Wit: Cocaine
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