PM Gonsalves “Children and fools must not play with edge tools.”

“St Vincent and the Grenadines interfaces with mainland China despite what is being said by some locally”, this from PM Gonsalves as he spoke on the radio Sunday.

Gonsalves, speaking to the recent decision by the Opposition to seek ties with mainland china once elected to office, said that SVG diplomats work with the Chinese government on common issues of climate change, reform of the United Nations, even matters in the World Health Organization in which they assisted Taiwan in becoming an observer member of the World Health Assembly.


The Prime Minister said that China has helped this country along with Brazil, India, and Turkey among other emerging economies with representation at the World Bank and the IMF.

“The NDP”, Gonsalves said, “has never stated that it held discussions with the People’s Republic of China.”

He said that nation is not interested in the bartering relations anymore. Gonsalves said it was made public since 2008 that both nations had “stopped poaching”.

Gonsalves, speaking to the ongoing saga said that “children and fools must not play with edge tools.”

Listen To Gonsalves Below

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