American Sports Journalist Decries Processing Time At E.T Jousha

An American sports journalist currently in the state for the world cup football match on Friday, tweeted his dissatisfaction with processing times for passengers at the E.T Joshua.

In his twitter post on Monday 29th August at 10.46 am, the American sports journalist had this to say.

The positive about St Vincent is the natives are nice people.

He went on to state the negative would be the customs and immigration.

“St. Vincent has 1 person going through every bag & suitcase of every person who enters the country. 90 minutes in”.

He further went on to say that lodging on the island is a disaster compared with the rest of the Caribbean.

Grant Wahl

Last week Wednesday, it was a horse of a different color as Myron Samuel who plays for the National Team faced a different situation with customs officials.

At that time Dugie Joseph posted to his Facebook page, “How in the name of my great grandmother can national footballer, ‘Left Eye’, arrive home to represent HIS COUNTRY in the World Cup game against the USA and Customs take his bags with clothing, shoes and other personal stuff, saying he has to PAY for them?

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation on Wednesday had to come to the aid of the national footballer, Myron Left Eye Samuel after Customs demanded that he pay for his personal belongings.

Samuel is said to have had to leave his luggage at the airport and journeyed to the SVGFF’s office and the matter was later resolved, his clothing and football gears, along with other personal items, were handed over to him, with no charges.

Grant Wahl is an American sports journalist, who is best known for being a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and a correspondent for FOX Sports.


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