Fury After Reporter Interviewed Dying Man On live TV

Users online have blamed the “selfish need for a news scoop” when a bizarre interview on TV saw a reporter leave a man to die on the roadside.

The strange moment was recorded on live TV following a brutal car collision near a motorway in El Salvador in Central America.

Instead of lending a helping hand, the “heartless” journalist quizzed the fatally-injured man as lay stricken on the side of the road.


The victim had been involved in a serious car crash just minutes before the interview took place. Reports from local media suggest the man, who has not been identified, had been struck by a truck on the motorway.

In the shocking footage, the man is shown rolling around in agony on the ground.The shirtless man groans as he lies in the ditch barely conscious.

He appears in desperate need of medical attention.However, while he is visibly in agony and shock, the TV reporter, working for the local TVO Noticias, thrusts a microphone in his face to ask him about the crash.

She then bombarded the critically injured man with a series of questionsThe man struggles to speak but mumbles: “They hit me and I’m hurting.”

Instead of saving the man, the reporter questions him over whether he had seen the truck coming.He eventually asked if the man would like to go to the hospital but afterwards quickly moves on to other questions.

The reporter then asked: “Where were you going anyways?”News footage moved on from the dying man shows the shattered windscreen of a truck on the side of the road.

One viewer commented: “Just interested in news and media coverage than his life. RIP.”Another said: “Not only should the journalist be dismissed but also the cameraman for allowing such a private situation to be aired out to the public.

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