Is Someone Out To Destroy Laverne Gypsy Phillips

Laverne Gypsy Phillips, Nice Radio announcer and NDP political activist appear to be making her path clear again or so it seems.

In a recent posting purported to be made by Philips on her Facebook page earlier today, it was stated that she does not understand,

“Why will the Milton Cato memorial hospital will tell me that I’m HIV positive when I’m not. Is it their way to kill me or drive me crazy? God is my defense”.


Phillips sought medical attention recently in Barbados due to a reported brain condition. Prime Minister Gonsalves responded to an appeal for help put out by Nice Radio by way of a chartered flight to Barbados for Phillips.

In a later posting this afternoon, a statement appeared on Phillips Facebook page purporting to be made by her.

“This is a follow-up post I just posted. Vincentians home and abroad knew I hosted the hard-hitting program ‘Hit and Run’ which opposed the ULP government. I was recently admitted to the hospital with a seizure. When I came out of that I was mad or should I say whatever they did to me, I went insane. Is this how our government works? You can’t speak for justice or else they seek out to destroy you without people knowing. Well if I was to die or go insane again or someone was to kill me then it is the government”.

The statement apparently went on to ask a number of questions:

“How did E. Lynch die? Glen Jackson and Nicole Sylvester? And where did servant of the Lord disappear to? So is this the same thing they want to do with me? God forbid. He is my rock my shield and my defense. No weapon form against should not prosper”.

A number of persons commenting on the post seemed not too sure of the individual who made the statement. Some were of the view that Phillips’ account might have been hacked. If indeed it was, the question is who would want to do such a thing? What do they hope to achieve by doing so?

We await the answers.

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