Time To kill Off Douglas De Freitas and Nice Radio for Good

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For years now they have tried their hardest to destroy Douglas De Freitas and Nice Radio. They have regarded him as a political thorn in their side for years. They have despised his free speech and exposé’s that he talks openly about. Douglas has always clung to his Christian faith and the decent people of SVG have stood behind him.

We all know the story of the radio program host who transmitted the morning NDP program from Nice Radio, Edwardo Lynch. He was hounded to death by the regime they never gave up until he was dead and then the Prime Minister went to his funeral and pretended to be sorry as he tried to pass himself off to God and the people as a friend.

We know there has been a war of spite and malice against the De Freitas brothers since they did not support the comrade politically. That is one of the deadly sins that calls for the destruction of any person/s let alone first cousins to Ralph Gonsalves who fail to outwardly support him or who outwardly support the NDP.

This regime that has the Vincentians in an iron grip sees the De Freitas brothers as enemies deserving of destruction.

I listened to Nice Radio and all that Douglas De Freitas said on the day/s in question. Nothing that he said put fear or panic into me, nor did it disturb my public peace, or anyone I knew. I am quite sure that those statements did not put fear or panic into anyone.

As for disturbing the public peace.

Disturbing the public peace, also known as breach of the peace, is a criminal offense that occurs when a person engages in some form of disorderly conduct, such as fighting or threatening to fight in public, causing excessively loud noise, by shouting, playing loud music, or even allowing a dog to bark for prolonged periods of time. When a person’s words or conduct jeopardizes others right to peace and tranquility, he or she may be charged with disturbing the public peace.

Disturbing the public peace laws are covered by laws. While disturbing the peace is not considered a serious criminal offense, it is an offense punishable by jail time, monetary fine, or both.

What Douglas De Freitas did was not in any way a disturbance of the public peace because the public were already disturbed when they discovered the elections had been stolen by an individual or a group within the ULP.  They were already in a state of disturbance.  I am sure not one person with the exception of the Prime Minister came forward and said his peace had been disturbed. He doesn’t count any way he is not classed as a member of the public he is above and beyond that, if you ask him he will tell you he is above and beyond being a member of the public. What probably happened, what Douglas did and said disturbed the head and mind of Ralph Gonsalves, not the public.

To commit these crimes a person’s conduct must have been on purpose [willful] or with bad intent [malicious]. But it was the theft of the elections which was purposeful, willful and with bad intent it was also malicious and act of pure evil. Not just against the NDP, but against every woman and child who is a Vincentian, against every democratic government and person residing in the Caribbean. Douglas De Freitas has never had an ounce of spite or maliciousness in him so to accuse him of that will not stand good with the people.

What the police should be doing is investigating the matter of election fraud and conspiracy to commit election fraud. But no they waste their time at the behest of their political masters in trying to destroy Douglas De Freitas. I would bet anyone anything that such an investigation into election fraud was never even considered by the skank dancing police chief. Of course he wouldn’t because the instructions for that would have to come from his boss who by chance happens besides being the Prime Minister is the Minister of National Security, and Minister of Legal Affairs. The man in charge of the police from the bottom up, side from side and from every angle and perceptive. The man who has his own police detachment operating from his own police station next to his official government residence at the grand cost of EC$3.2 million a year.

I have never read such a bunch of nonsense that has been written into those Court summons’s. To start with the Police Chief is the complainant, of course so what? you will say. I am sure nothing would cause him fear or panic, least of all what De Freitas said. There is no report, no evidence that people/the public contacted him in a state of fear or panic, no report that some ones peace had been disturbed.  No report of fear and panic in the streets or private places. There are no reports from the hospital or doctors of citizens hyperventilating from fear and panic. The whole thing really is a bunch of crap. The reports by the police chief say “which is likely to cause fear or panic” I had sex with my girlfriend is it right to say she is likely to be pregnant 6months after we knew she was not pregnant. The charges against Douglas De Freitas have come 6 months after we know for a fact he did not cause fear or panic.

In fact this summons came 8 months after the event, and its 8 months since they know the alleged statement by Douglas never caused panic or fear in anyone. Public unrest! why? so why wait 8 months? Why? Why 11 different summons’s? Because they just love to abuse their power, they love to abuse the legal system and the courts which some suspect they control. They know if there are 11 different charges to answer that there is more of a likelihood that a Judge or Magistrate will at least choose one to give a guilty verdict on. They know by giving 11 summons’s that it will give the defence 11 times as much work. It is quite simple an abuse of political and judiciary power brought about by an autocratic demagogic apparatchik extraordinaire and the ULP apparatchiki.

Of course most of what Douglas De Freitas said was the truth or he believed it to be, he had been told those things and he believed what he was told. There are photo’s of box’s which are not properly sealed and therefore were tamperable. There are ballots with no presiding officer’s signature on them. There are ballots with a different hew of color pointing to the possibility that they are colored photo copies. Boxes were stuffed with ballots that should have been rejected because they were votes spoilt by the returnin officer. The person in charge of those ballots has had allegations laid against him. The NDP has applied for a fiat from the DPP to bring charges. The DPP has been considering for some time that application from the NDP to bring a private criminal prosecution against him. The PM’s declared gate keeper, the DPP has been sitting on his hands. Most believe he would never dare to issue such fiats’ and never will.

Douglas De Freitas is a radio commentator, news journalist and publisher of news. It is his job and he is obliged to disseminate the news in the best way possible and as soon as possible. Sometimes the information he imparts is blighted with some misguided information  because he has been fed information that is untrue or incorrect in value or content. There is provision in the law for that happening. I am sure whatever he said, he said in good faith in the belief it was the truth. I am also sure that most of what he said was the truth.

The fact is that these complaints came from the police chief who is as well known as a supporter of the regime, the Unity Labor Party and ‘family dynasty’ as he is of being a police chief. He was the very man that went to Sion Hill to a ULP Political rally dressed in a red suit and hat covered in white stars and danced the skank in sight of perhaps even with Ralph Gonsalves the Prime Minister [who was also dressed in a red suit and very silly red trilby hat] who is his colleague and friend who is also Minister of National Security, and Minister of Legal Affairs. Gonsalves is his boss and as such he must take direct orders from him and they probably talk together daily. I cannot for one moment believe that this matter was not discussed between he and Gonsalves before the summons’s were issued. I cannot believe for one moment that Gonsalves did not give him advice, instruction even. In fact it would not surprise me if the motivation for the issue of these summonses were a direct instruction by and from Ralph Gonsalves. That is the problem, when such positions as police chief are a political appointment and when the officer and the politician dance together. They just cannot stop dancing together when the music stops and when it’s time to do state business, the skank is a powerful tool of both the regime and family dynasty.

Where the DPP fits in with the summons’s I do not know but he must have approved PM Gonsalves and Chief Miller’s messages [my name is Colin Williams and I approve these messages]. Even that action brings serious doubts in my mind when Gonsalves can describe the DPP as his gate keeper.

It all sounds like a farfetched novel doesn’t it? I agree it certainly could be the basis of a comedy, except the consequences are far from funny. A man’s liberty, livelihood and future are at stake.

We have already seen the destruction of ‘Leon “Bigga Bigs” Samuel’ brought about by political spite and malice resulting in false claims and allegations about his Rabbaca operation. Gonsalves said he is his friend and it was nothing to do with him. We are currently witnessing the destruction through political spite and malice of Ann Joshua and her business at the Cobble Stone Inn. She is Gonsalves first cousin and he says it’s nothing to do with him. Marcos De Freitas had his property in Kingstown stolen from him. I say stolen from him because when they compulsory purchased it from him the government valuer under valued it beyond what any idiot could do. He was ripped off with the price and ended up having to go to the courts to get the proper value and an order from the court for the government to pay him. That was years ago and he still has not received a cent. Isn’t that a very clear case of political spite and malice? He is Gonsalves first cousin Gonsalves says it was nothing to do with him.

Now we can see that Douglas De Freitas is in the same category as those other people he is being treated maliciously and spitefully. He also is Gonsalves first cousin, Gonsalves says it is nothing to do with him, but it could all stop if Gonsalves said for it to stop.

The problem is that citizens both sides of the political spectrum believe that the police and judiciary are at the beck and call and under the control of Ralph E Gonsalves. True or false that is the public view.

Now with the new Cyber Crime Act not yet in operation this may well be a Cyber Crime matter according to Gonsalves; he will have to use the Act sometime. After all it is his own Act an Act to protect him and his regime and dynasty from the truth. It is mainly designed for him and not the people.

Now I know what I wrote here may well send Gonsalves into a rage. But he himself told us he sometimes tells lies. He also told us the story about Mr Doyle telling him that if he shows him a continual liar he will show him a thief. Now I want to ask how we can trust a man that is well known for telling lies and is also a self confessed liar.

Gonsalves also told us how he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop the Grenadian Marxist revolutionary who closed down the radio station in Grenada and his friends the assistants to the Grenada revolution Cuba installed a new transmitter controlled by them.

My problem is where do we start believing and disbelieving any statement Gonsalves  makes when we talk about spite and malice? Where do we start believing and disbelieving any statement he makes when we talk about him controlling or not controlling the police and judiciary?

One thing that I personally believe is that the charges brought against Douglas De Freitas are political. They are designed to damage and destroy the man and his radio station; not to right a wrong done by Douglas. I directly blame Ralph Gonsalves for that and believe these charges are more about Ralph Gonsalves destroying political opposition and free speech than about anything else.

For those who often read what I write you will notice I have not made any reference to  human rights, Marxism, Marxist-Leninist, rape, sexual assault, rapist, Alba, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran or North Korea in this letter. Why? Because you are all wise enough to know that all of that is lurking under the surface somewhere if not in what I write certainly in what I think. So I encourage all of you to keep that in mind also. We are most certainly not dealing with normal people.

By Peter Binose

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