Vincentian Nationals Caught In Drug Bust Offered 1.7 Million Dollar Bail

Three of the accused charged in connection with a million dollar drug bust were each offered bail in the sum of $1.7 million.

Brothers Kimron John, 31, and Mark John, 27, Vincentians with Antiguan citizenship, and Makeesha Henry, 24, were nabbed on Friday by officers from the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP). They appeared in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court yesterday and each was offered bail that required a cash component of $500,000.

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel ordered the trio to turn over their travel documents to the court.

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Kimron, a serving member of the Antigua & Barbuda Coast Guard for the last 10 years, indicated he does not own a passport and will have to report to the police every day to sign the register, while his younger brother and Henry will sign in three times weekly.

The three accused also needed two Antiguan sureties to sign on their behalf to ensure they turn up for all court-related procedures. Should they abscond, the sureties would lose their money.


Antigua Observer

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