"Communist China" NDP'S New Found Friend

This country’s embassy to The Republic of China on Taiwan has expressed shock at an announcement by the main Opposition New Democratic Party of its intention to break ranks with Taipei.

The party leader, Arnhim Eustace on Tuesday said that the NDP now accepts the United Nations’ norm of the “One China Policy”

Eustace said the party on winning the next elections, which he claims should be soon, would move diplomatic relations from Taiwan to that of communist China.


Many political pundits have expressed alarm at the announcement of this move since Eustace and the NDP over the years have traduced the Gonsalves Government for having relations with communist countries.

Eustace has openly reiterated that Prime Minister Gonsalves’ relations with Cuba, Venezuela, and Libya would be detrimental to this nation’s democracy, and would put its citizens at odds with traditional partners.

This announcement comes after 9 months when the NDP expressed a totally contrasting view in their 2015 manifesto.

The NDP 2015 Election Manifesto, page 78 states:

“We recognize the importance of our role as a responsible State in the international community. We will, therefore, promote and encourage the maintenance of democratic principles and good governance (i.e transparency, accountability, and respect for human rights).

To this end we will:

Maintain our relationships with the members of the ACP countries, Asia and the Middle East and continue our recognition of India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and “Taiwan” as traditional partners.

The New Democratic Party remains committed to the involvement in wide-ranging hemispheric agreements with all democratic countries”.

At a celebration last year to welcome the return of the Pro-Indepence Party back in office, Eustace said that the two main political parties here in St Vincent are at one in their support for Taiwan.

“I’ve said it before, if there is one thing we don’t quarrel about is Taiwan!” Eustace quipped.

What may have caused the change from NDP’s stance on favoring relations with democratic countries in favor of Communist China is yet to be unraveled.

Eustace in answering questions from the media on Tuesday morning said he had not notified the Taiwan embassy here of switching allegiance to mainland China.


The Chinese Communist Party’s more than 80 million strong membership makes it the biggest political party in the world.

It’s tight organization and ruthlessness helps to explain why it is also still in power.

The party oversees and influences many aspects of people’s lives, from what they learn at school and watch on Television, even the number of children they are allowed to produce.

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