"13.4 million dollars approved For materials..Go and investigate that!" Says Eustace

Written By Ernesto Cooke

While questions swirl around monies that the NDP received in the election period of 2015, the Opposition Leader seeks to clear the air.


 Eustace said the contribution of EC1.3 million dollars is one of the contributions that the party received during the last election from someone who donated funds for election purposes.

Eustace said the funds went through the normal processes. ”I have not heard anything from our bank….the bank that we deal with, indicating that there was any difficulty with the receipt of those funds, or any problems in relation to those funds.”

 “I recall some time ago the statement that ‘only Portuguese could raise money’. That statement was regarded as very racist!” the Opposition leader stated.

“The contribution of EC1 .3 million dollars is one of the contributions received. Who raised the money?” Eustace asked. “We sourced different funds, to aide in our campaign.

 That’s just one of the sources, so I welcome the investigation by these local and international agencies”. “But what about the one million dollars that went into the former NCB now BOSVG?” Eustace asked.

“I’m not hearing about that anymore!” “What about the money spent to bring materials from Jamaica to give away to people?” “And that”, Eustace said, “is using public funds!”

Eustace said that Petro Caribe money is being used to pay back for materials that came from Jamaica, money which is not allocated under the Consolidated Fund.

“What is happening to that money? What investigation is the government taking in relation to those matters?”

“13.4 million dollars approved to deal with giving out materials…. Go and investigate that!” Eustace challenged.

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