Tropical Disturbance East Of The Lesser Antilles

A tropical disturbance east of the Lesser Antilles with an associated 1010mb low pressure center is moving westward at 15 -20 mph.
Convection is limited in association with this disturbance due to the presence of Saharan dust.

Models suggest fluctuations in its intensity, with no development into tropical depression or tropical storm before reaching the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

Moisture associated with this disturbance is expected to reach our area by Tuesday and  will bring some heavy rains and gusty winds to the islands on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

he most impressive thing about 99L when viewing satellite loops is its very large size and excellent spin.

A large region of the atmosphere has been put in motion by this disturbance, which is both good news and bad news: good news because such large disturbances typically take a long time to spin up into a tropical cyclone, but bad news because once they do, they affect a large area and will resist rapid weakening.


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