99L Could Make A Break For The Lesser Antilles Early Next Week

It appears 99L could make a break for the Caribbean early next week, perhaps as a significant tropical cyclone .

Located about 750 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, 99L is a large but disorganized tropical wave, with a broad zone of scattered convection. The wave is located close to 10°-15°N and 30°W and is heading westward. 99L’s low latitude, and the lack of northward component to its motion, means that it is well positioned to head toward the Caribbean.

An upper-level ridge to the northwest of 99L should keep it on a low-latitude path for the next several days, and models are in strong agreement that 99L will continue on its general westward trek, which could put it in the vicinity of the Lesser Antilles by around the middle of next week. The track forecast becomes more uncertain by that point, and it’s too soon to tell which parts of the island chain might be affected.


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