Did Teenager Send Last Message To Friend Before Dying

This is certainly not the last conversation that anyone would want to have with their  friend, however a screenshot of such a conversation circulating social media apparently suggests such.
A print-screen picture was circulated today purporting to be a deceased girl’s last WhatsApp message.
The vehicle in which 17-year old Kiara Shortte was travelling in went over an embankment around 3am Friday morning in the Hopewell/ Maroon Hill area.
Three other persons travelling in the vehicle had to be rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.
In the conversation that started sometime around 12.15 am Friday morning, one friend said to another:
friend: way U
Teenager: Lowman’s
Teenager: Just come from gtown
Teenager: Me ah tell you me whereabouts in case you hear accident eh
Teenager: Me dey going up ah Maroon Hill
Teenager: And me scared asf
Teenager: Driver Drunk
friend: Hope u got home safe

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