Douglas DeFreitas Accuses Sir Louis Of Uttering Many Lies

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker, is the latest member of the Governing Unity Labour Party to feel the wrath of NICE Radio’s Douglas “Dougie” De Freitas.


“I don’t normally respond to people”, however, “I want to respond to Straker “who basically lied about what I said that he may have been ill.

Rumors have been circulating in public about Straker’s physical fitness for office, with persons suggesting that he was seeking medical care abroad for a health related condition.

Straker sought to clear the air on a number of occasions, noting that he goes to the United States for his regular checkups.

The Deputy Prime Minister lived in New York for a number of years before returning home to engage in active politics.

DeFreitas, speaking on his early morning show on NICE Radio, accused Straker of being known as someone who utters many lies.

“He has said many terrible things about people, but I was very genuine in my concern for the Foreign Minister’s health,” De Freitas said.

“Sir Louis Straker, that’s why you are not deserving of being called ‘Sir’ Louis Straker”, DeFreitas said. He then proceeded to accuse the Parliamentary representative of Central Leeward of having a “filthy mouth”.

Douglas DeFreitas is known to be an outspoken critic of the Government of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his colleagues.

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