Proud Parents: His Faith In God Made The Difference

Written By Ernesto Cooke

Tracheal Febuary, mother of this country’s top CSEC exam performer, Eric Febuary, speaking to News784 says:

“At this moment we are excited and grateful for what Eric has accomplished”.

Febuary said that her son has always made the family proud, from the CPEA exams when he placed second nationally, and now at CSEC exams, he has made it to the top spot.

The proud mother said that that the family came to St Vincent In 2005 from Guyana. Her husband and herself are teachers at the Mountain Adventist Academy.


Febuary said that faith in God is what pulled Eric through, reflecting that from a tender age, sometimes as early as 2 o’clock in the morning, she would get up and find Eric would be reading the Bible.

She told News784 that teachers had complained about Eric rushing through his work and when she inquired she found out that he was doing so he could make more time to reading the scriptures.

“How do you rebuke a child for reading the Bible?” asks the mother of this country’s brightest light.
“ However I had to let Eric know there was a time and place for everything…. but, it is my firm belief that it laid the foundation for what he has accomplished today”.

Eric has three other siblings, two brothers and a sister. His brother would be writing his CSEC exams next year, while his sister would write her exams in 2018.

The Mountain View Adventist Academy student gained 17 Grade One passes and 3 Grade Two passes at the 2016 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams.
The 16-year-old told News784 that in September he would be going off to the University of the Southern Caribbean in Trinidad, where he would study Theology and Biology as a double major.
Febuary said that his main aim is to become a Pastor in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

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