16 years old – 17 Grade Ones – 3 Grade Twos at 2016 CSEC Exams

Written By Ernesto Cooke

It’s not very often that a 16 year old would challenge himself to writing 20 subjects at their final exams before exiting high school. However, Eric February did and achieved not just excellent, but mind-boggling results!

The Mountain View Adventist Academy student gained 17 Grade One passes and 3 Grade Two passes at the 2016 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams.

Speaking with News784, Eric said, “ I have a lot of mixed feelings right now, mostly relieved that it is finally over, and yes I’m feeling good! I did extremely well.”

 How Did He do it?

Febuary said he got substantial help from the teachers at the Mountain View Adventist Academy, and from his parents who are both teachers while at home.

Eric told News784 that his achievements demanded a lot of studying, because many of the subjects that he sat, were not on the main curriculum.

February said that his daily study routine started at 4pm up to 11pm at nights since it would allow him to function better throughout the day.

He credits his father, Desmond February, a Math teacher at The Mountain View Academy, for helping him with his Mathematics studies, while his mother, Tricheal February, also a teacher at the institution, for giving assistance with his Business studies.

Eric expressed thanks to Miss Nicholls an English B teacher for helping him to gain a Grade One in the subject, which includes Drama, Poetry, and Prose.

He did both Business and Sciences in the external exams.


“My Faith in God Played an Important Role”

Febuary told News784 that his beliefs played a key role in his achievements. He said there were times when he felt he could not go through with it.

“However, when those times came up it was my faith that got me through”, Eric stated.

What Next for Eric Febuary?

The 16-year-old told News784 that in September he would be going off to the University of the Southern Caribbean in Trinidad, where he would study Theology and Biology as a double major.

Febuary said that his main aim is to become a Pastor in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Eric and his parents moved to St Vincent from Guyana in 2005.

Advice for the Youth

Febuary, in offering advice to students who would be taking CSEC exams in 2017 said:
”If you believe you can do something, and you have no doubts while doing it…. that you can actually achieve what you are doing, and have complete confidence in yourself, then you can achieve it”.

“Once you are willing to put in the effort to achieve what is to be done and not only that, but allow God to lead you in the right directions, you will succeed at attaining your goals”.

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