The Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Trade and Commerce will host its Diplomatic week and Annual National Consultation for Heads of Missions and Consulates from Sunday August 14- 19 , 2016.

The week will be celebrated under the theme, “Re-engineering Economic Growth and Development in the 21st Century through Diplomacy” and will commence with a Church Service at the Kingstown Methodist Church Service on Sunday August 14.

The week’s main feature is the Annual Consultation for Heads of Missions and Consulates abroad around which various presentations and discussions are expected. An Opening Ceremony for the launch of the Annual Consultation will take place on Monday August 15, at 9:00 am at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Room.

There will also be several activities throughout the week including Views on Issues on NBC Radio on Sunday August 14 looking at the topic, “The role of Overseas Missions in Foreign Policy”; as well as a tour of the Windward and Leeward sides of the island to identify key development projects.

The Heads of Missions will also participate in the Ministry’s annual Essay prize-giving ceremony and an exhibition at the site of the Old Treasury Building on Friday August 19.

The week will climax with a Recognition Ceremony to honour parliamentarians who served as past Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Sir James Mitchell (1984-1992); Herbert Young(1992-1994); Alpian Allen(194-1998); Allan Cruickshank( 1998-2001); Sir Louis Straker (2001-May 2005& December 2005- 2010)); Mike Browne ( May 2005-December 2005); Dr. Douglas Slater (2010-2013) and Hon. Camillo Gonsalves (2013-2015)

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