Vincentian Athlete Brandon Parris Takes 7th Place In 400m Heats

Vincentian athlete Brandon Valentine-Parris took the 7th position as he represented St Vincent in round 3 of the 400m heats in Rio.

Valentine- Parris who ran in 5th lane completed a time of  47.62s

The men’s 400m took place at the Olympic Stadium in Rio De Janeiro.

The Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Jamaica were also represented in round 3 of the 400m heats.

On Thursday Vincentian swimmer Nikolas Sylvester placed first in the men’s 50m freestyle heats.

Sylvester completed a time of 25.64s.

Izzy Shne Joachim took part in the women’s 100m breaststroke and completed a time of 1.17.37.


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