Agricultural input Sugar Dept Warehouse Robbed In Broad Day Light

Reports are that on  Wednesday, August 10th 2016 the Sugar department of the Agricultural Input Warehouse was robbed Wednesday at gunpoint.


According to information received, the robbery occurred in high daylight, at around 2:27pm.

Five armed robbers are reported to have entered the compound and walked away with just over $1000 in cash.
The robbery took place in the early afternoon of Wednesday and it is being reported that the men brandished guns and cutlasses in the commission of their crime.

There are no reported incidents of any of the workers being hurt and the police are said to be on the hunt for the men involved.

The Sugar department is located at the Campden Park industrial Estate.

Reports of the robbery come at a time when Allan Smith and Family Bakery, located in the same area, has suffered repeated robberies recently.

First Published WEFM

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