NDP Activist Doug Howard Urges Supporters Not To Turn On Each Other

NDP activist Doug Howard is urging supporters of the party not to turn on each other at this critical time.

Howard writing on Social Media said “It’s just amazing to me how we deal with each other as a people.

Doug Howard Photo Credit Facebook page
Doug Howard Photo Credit Facebook page

Laverne Phillips is sick even though she is out of the hospital brothers and sisters please for “GOD SAKE” this young lady needs us.

Howard said “we are falling into the normal trap and turning on each other when we can’t get who we really need to get to.

I think “GYPSY” did the right thing by thanking Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves for using the government money to help her in her time of need, Howard said.

Phillips was seeking medical attention in Barbados, due to a reported brain condition, when Prime Minister Gonsalves responded to an appeal for help put out by Nice Radio by way of a chartered flight to Barbados for Phillips.

Political activist Luzette King who weighed in on the saga said that the money was not coming from Gonsalves, but taxpayers’ pockets, so there is nothing to thank the Prime Minister for.

Phillips in a Facebook posting said: “Thank you, Dr. Gonsalves, for assisting me in my time of need. We don’t always see eye to eye on many issues but I appreciate what you did for me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.”

We all want to help and if Gonsalves can get help faster than me and you so be it, that does not take away from our efforts; we all want what’s best for our people the activist said.
I hope am making sense to our people, keep praying for our sister and each other, Howard noted.

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