I Have No Sympathies For "GYPSY" In This Matter – Senator Julian Francis

“GYPSY continue to make circles” and it is really sickening this according to Senator Julian Francis Government Minister.


Francis on his regular Tuesday night program on Star FM says NDP is falling apart at the seams.

Recently NDP political activist Doug Howard urged party supporters not to turn on each other.

You know one of the strange things that I have found is that some of the symptoms that Gypsy described herself seem to be some of the same as E.G Lynch in his latter days.

E.G Lynch hosted the New Democratic Party’s New Times Program weekdays on Nice Radio.

He suffered from a series of health complications and died on July 9th, 2014.

I can’t see that two persons operating out of the same location basically suffering from the same complications. He said the owners of that operation need to take a closer look.

Francis said that the Prime Minister helped Phillips in her time of need; however, she was placed under pressure thereby having to apologize to the NDP supporters who had helped her.

THE ULP General Secretary said the things that were discussed about her  on social media are sickening to the stomach.

However, Francis said he has no sympathies on the matter.

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