Statement By Laverne Gypsy Phillips

I am using this opportunity to apologize to all my brothers and sisters of the NDP, which I am a member of and which will never change unless their policies change.

Two days ago I posted a thank you note to Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves for assisting me with an MRI, which by the way I did not ask him for. However when he heard of my medical condition he extended his hand.


Before his assistance, my boss Mr. Douglas Defreitas put out a public appeal to which all of our supporters responded to locally and in the diaspora.In fact when I started to experience memory loss, loss of speech and the ability to complete a proper a sentence, the first person I turned to was my boss who referred me to his family doctor.

My boss is the one who paid for my cat scan along with Jeffrey Providence. Following this vice president of the NDP, the Hon Major Leacock who looks out for me every day said he will begin asking for funds on his program if I need an MRI, which I had and which reveal a mass on my brain along the infection.

Our supporters I love all of you and I’m really sorry if I have hurt any of you in this politically charged climate, but I did not even know that the PM chartered a plane to take me to Barbados until the night before the MRI.

I deeply apologize.  I know the appeal would have been successful whether the PM had help out or not.

Again I say thank you to all of my NDP family. I was told by my boss yesterday that I have no recollection of what happened in the hospital for the last 3 weeks.

I was also informed that my recovery process will be long. I will, therefore, appreciate it in any way, whether by prays and financial assistance.

Thank you again for your support and continued support. Especially thank you to my God who has not forsaken me, my boss, Doug Howard and the groups in the United States, Major Leacock, the Hon Arhnim Eustace, Jeffrey Providence, business houses and all who have assisted in supporting me.

I love all of you and be mindful. Please love me the same. Do not allow any comments I made to affect our relationship. My interest is to serve my people and to ensure that their standard of living improves. Don’t worry about me being obligated to the PM that will never happen. I love the man but I love my country more.

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