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Quivo.co, a site with the latest news of Colombia, has now reached the record-breaking number of followers: despite the fact that it has only been working for a short time, it is followed by more than 200 thousand people. The creators of the website state that this is only a beginning.

Unfortunately, for a long time, Colombians had no access to the latest information about ongoing events in Colombia on the daily basis. There was no just one trusted source, which one could use every time he needed to find something out. There were several independent local resources that posted the latest news of a specific category, but it was not really convenient for the readers. The good news is that Quivo.co solved that problem Colombians had to face, since the website posts news about the current situation in the country. The information the website provides is topical, true and complete.


Developers of the website made a decision that their website will be different from the ones they knew before. Every day more than fifty news, analytical articles, financial reviews, etc., will be posted on the website in the form of short news posts. Moreover, the readers will be able to learn more about the current situation in the country from the photos and videos made play-by-play. And sure thing, the developers’ team took care of people who prefer reading long articles with a great number of details: the editors will post most recent news with the opinion of experts on the matter.

The website was created with the thought of readers and their comfort when using the site. Therefore, the website is divided into ten categories. Each news is posted under a specific category to make the experience of a user using our site easy and pleasant. The categories on the website include politics, economy, culture, show business, etc. This list is not full, and be sure that the editors took the desire of certain readers to learn more about the life of public figures’ life behind the curtain as well as some spicy details of their personal life. Moreover, there will be a special category for people looking for a new job as well as those looking for opportunities to relocate.

The good news for people that like to share their thoughts about certain things with like-minded readers is that there is a special opportunity for them to share their thoughts on a news situation right away. All they need to do is to log into their social network and comment under a news post. In addition, news can be shared on social networks right after an authorization on a network.

Only the best professionals were chosen to work on the website. Quivo.co employees have proven to be the best of the best specialists and the most suitable candidates to fill these positions. That is why you are to be sure that the news posted on the website are the most topical and crucial ones. All the video operators, bloggers and journalists do their best to provide the readers with the latest news of Columbia they can trust. This fact can be proven by the number comments and reposts the readers do since the first day of the website launch.

The readers will also have a chance to be the first ones to learn about special journalist investigations and latest sensations of Columbia posted on Quivo.co website. Those of the readers that prefer to see once rather than hear about something a hundred times will be happy to learn about a special photo and video reports category on the website.

In addition, the website is easy to use and looks good enough to be chosen even by the most sophisticated esthete. The developers’ team did their best to combine both user-friendly interface and good functionality to let the readers try the best user experience possible.

Every news on the website is now available in Spanish. However, the website creators stated that by winter 2017, most of the content will be available in English for the English-speaking readers to keep abreast of the news.

Everybody knows that time is money. Nowadays, people are offered so much information and news from all over the world that they have no time to waste on the biased and outdated news. That is exactly why the readers love Quivo.co so much. The editors post only trustworthy and up-to-date news. Colombians can now enjoy news services provided by Quivo.co and prefer it to other local news sites.

Quivo.co is a place where you can find the latest news provided by a trusted source.

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