I Need No Assistance From Ralph Gonsalves " NONE" – Luzette King

Written By Ernesto Cooke

It would appear that the hostility between political activist Luzette King and the Prime Minister of St Vincent continues unabated.

This time, the differences have subsided from politics for the moment, with attention drawn to the issue of health. This as Laverne Philips an announcer and NDP activist received much need assistance from Prime Minister Gonsalves.


King speaking on Nice Radio said that the money was not coming from Gonsalves, but taxpayers’ pockets, so there is nothing to thank the Prime Minister for.

King said what she is concerned about is that the Prime Minister seems to be making the ultimate decision as to who gets what of our tax paying dollar, “ “And I don’t think it’s right!” says the political activist.

“I hope to God”, anybody around me, if anything were to happen to me, please – Don’t allow a politician of those sorts to intervene to save my life!”

Prime Minister Gonsalves promptly responded to an appeal for help put out by Nice Radio by way of a chartered flight for Phillips to Barbados.

However, proprietor of Nice Radio, Douglas De Freitas, who called while King was on the air, said that anyone with that kind of thinking, who would not accept help from a Government in time of need, something has to be wrong with their thinking.

Defreitas said that is his position, to which King responded by saying, “Okay”.

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