Petition Launch to Save "The Cobblestone Inn" St. Vincent

A petition has been launched on to save the “Cobblestone Inn”currently operated by Miss Ms. Ann Joshua.

Below is the contents of the petition that would be forwarded to National Properties Limited St. Vincent and the Grenadines currently overlooking all Government properties.

Dear Friend,

You may recall, on a visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines, staying at the charming, historic and old-world Cobblestone Inn Hotel; owned and operated by Ms. Ann Joshua for the past 30 years.

Ms. Joshua, one of a few successful female entrepreneurs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, runs her hotel in a building rented from the state-owned National Properties Ltd — but she is now being evicted from the property.


Ms. Joshua has run her hotel for the past 30 years and is current on her rent.  Days ago, she was given two months to pack up and leave behind a special place that she has poured her heart and soul into; a place that has been a delight to many people just like you.
Why is she being evicted?  The owner has given no reason.
According to the petition, this eviction notice has caused a huge outpouring of concern and support in the community, and we ask you to join us.  Please support Ann by signing this petition, because your support will help to save a small business; a charming, unique hotel that you know, and perhaps love. Your signature will help Ann to keep a dream and an institution alive.

End of Petition

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