Woman Denies NDP Activist Claims Of Her Being Taken Off Plane At E.T Jousha

Bryan Alexander an NDP activist and supporter made a post on Facebook to highlight to the world that another freedom fighter was taken off an aircraft at E.T Joshua airport in St Vincent.

Pic Taken From Facebook Profile
Pic Taken From Facebook Profile

Alexander at the time said that the woman known on Facebook as “Brownsugagal Jozi” was on her way to North America to seek medical attention.

The woman from her pic is said to be Jozette Bibby, a teacher who was charged for posting obscene language on Facebook back in February of 2015.

The woman responded swiftly to Alexander comments by saying “Bryan I was not taken off any plane, I was stopped by immigration, my documents were taken and told I was on a stop list, which I later found out, and I was on.

Pic taken from Brownsugagal jozi facebook profile
Pic was taken from Brownsugagal Jozi facebook profile

She went on to state it was certainly not by the magistrate, however, did not mention by whom.


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