Chester Toney: “Gonsalves divorced from the realities of our nation”

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Re: “Hunger Hurts” says Gonsalves  Published by NEWS784.COM

Mr. Prime Minister you are so divorced from the realities of our nation that you are unable to see that your unjust laws and vindictiveness with regard to the distribution of the little resources of the land and sea is what is hurting the poor preventing them from eating as they should .

You have yet to modify your socialist outdated views on governance (the need for big government) to suit the times in which we live .

Free up the economy sir with all due respect ! Reduce the taxes at the ports especially the price per head for the Yachtsmen and basic items entering ,start the process of decriminalization / legalization of cannabis, develop more creative ways of raising revenues instead of the stiff taxation you have unleashed on this nation (I can give you ideas ),Make agriculture a priority above tourism .

Sir I’m willing to guide you if you need ideas on getting our nation out of poverty .I could have been a multimillionaire elsewhere but I just wanted to return home to be with my people.

The worst thing that has happened to you is that you have had too many yes men around you who know better how to run the economy but failed to rebuke you .I’m not a politician nor do I aspire one day to be one but with almost fifty years living on the earth i think I have gathered enough knowledge and experience on basic everyday living on various subjects including politics

.It seems as though you are not comfortable with Vincies making money (It appears) very common qualities of most socialist oriented governments) In conclusion, you have to take the blame in part for the hunger now so prevalent in our land !

Comrade don’t be thin-skinned I’m just one of the students you taught in the eighties who has never joined with you to destroy the people !

Get real My friend your political ideas are very well archaic and counter-productive for modern times in a small underdeveloped state ! Is only those who love you will want to give you such constructive criticism ! Bless up Chester !

Chester Toney

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