"Deck stacked against those who oppose"- Douglas De Freitas

The proprietor of Nice Radio Douglas De Freitas says the law only seems to apply to those who oppose this administration and its leader.

Douglas making reference to the Paul Scrubb case said he wants people to search their hearts, noting Bishop Gordon had said recently that people love their political parties more than God.

De Freitas said that we profess to be a Christian nation and if so, we would love the truth. People fail to realize that this administration goes after anyone who opposes it, but support it and do wrong, and you can get away with it.

We have the issues of Rape and Assault which have never been addressed and a leader who have never defended his character in court, DeFretias said.

You look at people who have been threatened by persons supporting Gonsalves, you have Hans King the PM Press Secretary who said he would have kill Brian Alexander an NDP activist, nothing ever happened to him, the radio host said.

De Freitas said the deck is stacked against those who oppose, so many people defending wrong and blatant wrong.

The radio host said “I promise you one day all of those who behave in those ways will find themselves yoked.

Running around like headless chicken asking people for help, when they find themselves on the flip side of the coin.

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