Stacey Little Wins Courts In-store Mad Dash

A few standard house chores and a little exercise earned Stacey Little $500 cash from Courts.

Little came out on top in the in-store Mad Dash Challenge, which saw the seven finalists competing for the cash and store credit, by completing household tasks and a skipping exercise in the fastest time.


The competitors, who randomly entered the event, were given the task of folding laundry that was pulled from a dryer, and also to pack groceries into a refrigerator, make up a bed, and complete 20 jumps using a skipping rope.

Little accomplished her tasks in the fastest time, finishing in two minutes, 48 seconds.

She was followed by Eugene Simmons with a time of three minutes, 43 seconds, and Shamman Samuel was third in three minutes, 50 seconds.

Apart from the cash, Little also received a gold medal for her efforts, while Simmons earned a $75 Courts voucher and a silver medal, and Samuel a $50 Courts voucher and a bronze medal.

Little said that she was happy to win the prizes and was very confident that she was going to come out the winner.

She thanked Courts for the extra cash, which she said comes in handy, and indicated that she has a few things that she was going to do with it.

Courts Assistant Commercial Manager Indra Grant congratulated the winners for their efforts as she handed over their prizes.

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