"Our Client Did Not Make Such Statement"- Israel Bruce

Lawyer Israel Bruce says every Vincentian have a number of constitutional rights that must be respected by any Government that takes the seat of power in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Bruce who is the Lawyer for calypsonian Paul I madd Scrubb recently charged with sedition and threat to murder, says he is simply appalled that a person can be arrested and charged, while the state asks for 3 months to investigate the same matter you are arrested for.

LEFT TO RIGHT Paul Scrubb and Lawyer Israel Bruce

Bruce said what is even more appalling is that the individual does not live in the country, knowing that the individual was travelling back to where they reside, having a family and a job, and yet such decision.

I think the principal objective is “ scaremongering” and am not afraid to say so Bruce said, while adding that it is intended to say to others don’t speak shut your mouth.

The Lawyer said he is not advocating that persons must go on “lamp poles, blackboards or Facebook via the computer and violate the laws of SVG, I, am not advocating that no matter who it is.

However, Bruce said you arbitrarily arrest and charged people and then seek months upon months to investigate and determine whether or not the person can be found guilty.

It is “crazy, It is madness” Bruce stated.

Speaking about his client Paul “ I madd” Scrubb, Bruce who was on local radio Hot97.1 speaking with callers said that the court does not have any evidence at all at this time in answering a caller who suggested he said otherwise.

Bruce said in relation to his colleague distancing herself from the statement made by Scrubb,” we are very clear, it is obvious a statement was made, but we are very clear that our client Paul Scrubb was not the person who made the statement.

It was alleged that Scrubb said sometime in December of 2015 on his Facebook page that “Ralph Gonsalves should be assassinated and his family blessed love”. Scrubb was arrested at the E.T Joshua airport on Friday 22th July 2016.

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